Thursday, September 15

Vaccine Shots Today

My second batch of vaccine shots today, two again, pneumococcal and influenza vaccine. And it's on both arms again,  on my right, it's ok, it feels nothing and not bothering me after. On my left is pneumo 23, I can feel the pain, it seems like swelling after several hours and I cannot even lift my arm properly. Dokie said it's just normal, I just have to hot compress it tonight. I hope the uncomfortable feeling will be gone soon.

Vaccine shots and prophylaxis has been part of my list that I need to update and accomplish before I leave for the start of my Aconcagua expedition. Though what is required and needed upon entry in the immigration of Argentina is just a certificate of yellow fever shot, it has always been my habit to update all my vaccine shots.

This is just a precautionary measures for me. Costly and a bit tedious going to the doctor for several weeks prior to the expedition but I feel like this is something to be done. I have to spare my time and budget into this for my own sake and safety. 

Here is my list of vaccine needed to accomplish: 
vaccine shots and prophylaxis

Yellow Fever 
Cholera prophylaxis
Hepa A
Hepa B - Booster
Tetanus Diphtheria Toxiod 
Malaria prophylaxis 

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