Tuesday, September 13

Salomon Running Clinic

September 12 - I got invited by my friend Janielle to join a running clinic conducted by ROX.  I miss the first session though and I am not too sure if I can join the following schedules but nonetheless I said to myself  I'll just come in support to the training program that my friend has been inviting me. 

Of my several years of running now, I really haven't been able to attend any formal training in running at all. Even in my BMC days who introduced me into running which I slowly started to love running up to this time, I can't remember having one session on  the right forms and other tips in running at all. They just asked us to run, build the endurance and finish the target distance within the required time. 

Despite my lack of training and not into the sports before, I drag myself into it and learn to love it. Until now I have difficulty running, I admit, with my heavy legs and  big thighs, I envy those who are just light as paper while running. But I said to myself, everything can be learned, and it's just a matter of  determination and strong will, everything can be possible. 

After the two full marathon that I did and one ultramarahon, 100K, I said to myself, that is already a very big achievement for me. I know I do not run fast, I just run consistent, do not stop while into it and do not give up. But I also goal that I will also improve in my time. And I hope through this running sessions I will be able to improve my time, running faster on my future runs.

Picture: Salomon Running Clinic 2011

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