Saturday, September 3

Finally Apo Island

View of Apo Island from our boat
Apo Island is a place I've been wanting to visit and most people in our place asked me if I had been there especially that  I am into mountain climbing and nature tripping. I heard so many good things about the place but I really never had the chance to drop by despite my being so near on the island, it's a neighboring island where I grow up.   

The rock formation that I've been wanting to climb
Even before our trip to Mt. Talinis, I've been excited thinking that I'd be able to visit Apo Island. Despite the no specific itinerary for side trip after the climb, Pastor Noel ignite my enthusiasm when he said he'd in Negros the same time when we will be there and give a thought of climbing the rock formation of Apo Island. Without hesitation I included my climbing gears in my luggage despite my limited weight allocation.

Lunch time
After our climb, I tried to send sms messages to Pastor but haven't got reply. So my sidetrip plan is now uncertain. Thanks to Rica, she also signify interest of going to Apo Island because just like me, she also  has been to Dumaguete several times but never had a chance to visit the place. After our breakfast just in time when Arlene and Sue arrived our Apo plan got confirmed. Thanks to Lester and Jepoy for taking the time to look for a ride going to the nearest port, in Malatapay, Zamboanguita, Negros. Apo Island is already visible from the port, big boat for P3,000.00 will ride 8 persons, just enough for us.

Nice shot by Lester Susi
The boat ride to the island took us around 20 minutes, thank god the waves is manageable despite our small boat. Upon arrival, we register, thanks for my being an islander my fee is much cheaper than the others. There I see the rock formation that I've been wanting to climb but on this trip I had to set aside that dream.

The group decide to do the snorkeling
Snorkeling time
where the sea turtles are, but unfortunately the waves just really not appealing to me. I don't want to dare myself into the water on that rough shore. Despite the big waves the rest of my friends braved the sea and they see the sea turtle, I said to myself I can always go back someday and see it. But it was when Arlene show to us the shots of the sea turtle that ignites my excitement again, at this time I want to go back to the water with the assistance of our guide. It was a holding hands time with him while I was on the water, but I am really glad I did, I saw and follow the sea turtle while eating with other fish with him. The greatest site ever. When the creature swim deeper we leave him to his playground and we go back to the shore to enjoy our late lunch.

Low tide
A fresh catch of fish is our food, we ask the locals to cook it for us, grilled, in soup and raw with bottle of soda eaten just beside the shore. We couldn't ask for more, the food is so yummy. And towards the end of our meal, group of souvenir vendors crowded our place bringing different designs of shirts and other items. After our shopping while eating we proceed to the other side of the island, did a long stretch of snorkeling again. Because it's low tide, the park ranger is very specific in giving us instructions not to stand on the corals and  to just follow the path that is designated for swimming. The site of a boulder possible for bouldering did not stop us to play a bit, scary because I am not on my rock shoes and not crash pad but that did not pass on our site, we did some bouldering. 

bouldering time after the snorkeling
As much as we wanted to stay longer, we need to leave the island for its getting late. For sea safety, our boat needs to leave Apo Island on a daytime.

Deep within me I know I will go back on this island, and on that time it will already be at least an overnight stay.

There are so many things to do in so short a time. i truly had a great time.

Pictures taken from the album of Jeffrey Ledesma and Lester Susi. Thank you guys. 

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