Saturday, September 10

Stair Climbing with SMC

View of Smart Tower from my ofc. 
Sept. 8, I let go of my usual wall climb session and  decided to join stair climbing with the group that I will be climbing with in Kanlaon two weeks from now, the SMC guys. I'v been wanting to do stair climbing on their building, it's higher than the building that I do stair climbing and besides it's a new venue. This will also be a good catching up with my good friend Jing, we haven't been seeing each other for quite some time now.

6:30 is our meeting time, I was there few minutes later, started our drill and off we do the stair climb. But because I am catching up with the things that is going on with Jing, I decided to join with her pace, so we did it on just a slow pace and in just two rounds. What's so good about it is there is a cold water station on the last floor before turning back down the stairs. I also got a chance to meet other climbers that will be joining the trip.

Jing treat me to KFC after our climb, it's her birthday the past days, and we continue our story telling until late in the evening. Allan and the some other climbers join us. What a good way to end my day, a good work out and a good chat with friends. I wanted to do the climb again on that building on a faster pace next time.

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