Friday, September 30

TNF Mica 1 - Will You Be Mine Please

TNF Mica 1 with Fly Sheet
Been wanting this tent so badly, I can say I fall in love with it. Since I joined a climb outside my circle of mountaineering buddies last January, I realized I need to get a tent that would only be big enough for me. Carrying  a two/three man tent on climbs that would be possible to bring just one man tent is just really thought bugging for me. I always envy those who have a small tent which one can bring anytime there is an invitation for climb outside my circle of close friends. Unfortunately, since I do not have one, I ended up bringing my 2 man roadrunner 23 tent, a heavy one though. And since it can accommodate 2 to 3 persons, I ended up accommodating 2 to 3 more climbers in a climb.  No big deal for me, I always have tent mates in my eleven years in the mountain. But since I always have this attitude of not wanting to share  the parts to my  tent mates especially if we are not of the same pace, I ended up bringing the entire tent on my own. 

TNF Mica 1 Tent Body
Until I saw this tent several months ago on Altrec website. It was on sale. I've been wanting to buy it, but I put aside my purchasing it thinking that the price will still go down. After several days the sale ends, and the item is back to it's original cost. Yesterday, I saw it again, on sale at lower cost at this time. Without thinking I put  one item on my basket right away, putting the purchase on hold for several days, getting the right reason if I really needed it. I will be needing much more money in the next few months for my coming big expedition, and I am trying to save whatever amount of penny that  I can save just for that trip, this gear is not in my list of needed items for the expedition, I know I can set aside the purchase but I will never know if it will still be on stock or even on sale by then. Honestly, I  am just looking reason my urge and wanting so badly of getting this item in the next few hours or days. God shed me light on this one....
As I come back from a skyrun 3 days after this post, Mica is still there but it is back to it's original price. So I guess not at this time Mica, I will wait for another major sale season, probably on Thanksgiving.

Mica was on sale on Thanksgiving but not on the price that it was originally put on sale. I thought it will still go down on other sale season I guess.

But when I saw Mica today (November 26) at ROX, all the more I was determined to get one like that. I can fit well inside, I know that kind of tent will just be right for me. But it cost so much here, PhP15, 999.00 All the more I am determined to get it on line. I hope when I come back from my Aconcagua expedition I'll be able to get one when I will have enough money for it.

January 14, 2012 - after several months of thinking of buying this item, I finally decided to get it when it has finally on sale, fromUSD228.95 to USD155.69. In as much as I said to myself after my trip I should not purchase any climbing gear for the moment, when I saw it  feel like I should have this at this time. I reserved my thoughts of buying for almost 3 weeks until there are only 2 items left on this model. I said I should get one now. Yahoo...Excited to use it in the mountains. I now have my home small enough for me to carry. Cant wait to use it.

January 25, my sister called the house, she needs to talk to Mom, I asked her if my package has already arrive, to my surprise she said she did not. When I check the address that I write on the last order, I input a different unit number. I become sad, that costs a lot, and I can't imagine my shipment being lost because of my carelessness, my being absentminded. I asked my sister to check if there is a real unit number and there is but it seems like no one is renting it. She said to just relax, she will check it with the admin office while I have to ask Altrec too if it has been delivered and received by an individual. I did as instructed. After a day my sister told she found my Mica 1 tent at the admin office. Thank God, you are still very kind to me. 

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