Wednesday, September 28

On the Streets of Negros

Left Manila for Bacolod on an early Air Philippines flight, the group's first agenda when we arrive Bacolod is to eat breakfast. Our dear lead on this trip, Jing, who happens to be from this place brought us to Palapala, a place with stretch of restaurant that sells fresh sea foods, good thing they are open at an early time of the day on a rainy day, and they have sea foods, frozen from the freezer though, not freshly catch but fresh enough to fill our empty stomachs. The group had grilled blue marlin and mayamaya soup. Some of us got halo halo despite the rainy early morning. That was a sumptuous breakfast for a major climb. 

What followed in the next three days is a major climb at Mt. Kanlaon, the very purpose of this trip. Upon descend, the group stayed at  K'Mas Hostel, an inn nearby Robinson's Bacolod, this is care off Jing's good friend, Joan, who knows the owner of the inn personally. Thanks to her they granted our favors and requests. 

A late dinner is served at Manokan Country at Aida's Restaurant, Bacolod is known for it's grilled chicken, and at this time, not on a fine air conditioned dining but rather on a traditional restaurants, the food is good, it's just that the service is a bit slow, or probably we were just so hungry that I just want to have some food. 

After dinner, despite my urge to go to bed and rest I had to go to Joan's place and hang my wet, stinky clothes and gear from the climb. It has been raining the past three days and most of our stuffs are soaked in  water. In my case I got so worried that I will have an excess luggage, on my way here my luggage already weigh 15kilos. Lucky for us Joan is so kind to offer her place, it becomes a place of stinky muddy clothes for a while. 

Our last day in Bacolod we visit the ruins in Silay, a place I missed when we visit the place 2009. This is a must to visit when in Silay, a mansion built even before the war, build out of love a husband to his wife. It was all worth the trip and being wet, the place is just simply nice. 

After being wet getting pictures at the beautiful ruin of the mansion, the group went to Balaring, Silay, a floating restaurant that sells fresh sea foods. But the wind was just blowing so hard, but despite that the group enjoy our meal, the talaba is just delicious, the sinigang is yummy enough to keep our stomach warm, the kinilaw is yummy, etc.

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