Saturday, September 3

Long Run Up into the Hills

Been wanting to do a run from my place, Sandugan, to the home place of my mom's great grand parents, up in the mountain slopes of barangay Cabulihan. It's distance is not that long, but it's hilly road going up to the mountain that's making the route more challenging.

I am determined to do it at this time, though I started not too early, decided to bring my hydration pack and off I go on the road. The first kilometer from my place is just a flat asphalted road  until I turn left on a barangay road with minor ascend to barangay Cangmalalag.

This is also an almost a kilometer of rough road until I turn left again back to the asphalted road now all going uphill up to the community where my great grandparents used to have a house and live a happy life with all their relatives around.

I am glad the weather is great, the sun is up, the breeze is cool. But aside from that, all those that I meet along the road while I do my run, is just amazed that I will be running into the hills of  Cabulihan. They can't believe that I will do it. Upon arrival on the community up in the mountain, our relative Manang Incar wants to show me the lands that my Lolo owned from their ancestors. With this I have to stop running, and walk with her as well. She also showed me another way to the next barangay. This gives me a thought of doing on my next run.

After my short tour, I rush down the mountain returning to the same route as I go up, it's getting late and sun is getting hotter. I am glad I did it, I come back home safe and happy. 'Til my next run.

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