Saturday, September 10

Tarak Ridge - A Different Climb at this Time

September 4 and 5 our two good friends who is getting married this December come up with a pre-nup pictorial up in the mountain ranges of Mariveles, not a usual thing. Because the travel entail trek with a full load, only those who are into mountain climbing join this trip. This is among close friends of the couple who are also available to leave from work on a Monday. Lucky for me I got invited and without hesitation I said yes despite being absent on a Monday.

It has been raining few days prior to the climb making the trail really slippery and muddy, at some point the group has to set up a rope to hold on to and dig the sticky soil to make some steps just for us to be able to reach 'the gate'. But God has been so good, on our ascend on areas the group has to stop and the couple has to take pictures, the weather cooperates, the sky clears making it a perfect time to shoot. The blowing wind makes it easier for the photographer to play with props on the pictorial.

Since pictorial has to happen at some designated areas, the trek becomes a relax climb, taking things just on an easy pace. The mountain is so full of life at this time, the bushes are so lush, the trees are so green, there are lots of insects along the way even snake, hammer head worms, stick legged spiders,  the river swells and bigger at this time, clear water cascades just so inviting to swim. I decided to swim though on the second day, I just want to keep my inner layer dry up to the second day. Just when we arrive the campsite, after several minutes of picture taking, the rain started a heavy down pour.

What makes this trip more fun is that this is not a usual climb for us, having to change to a formal dress for a pictorial. It's just really great seeing each one on formal dress scattered on the mountain slopes of Tarak just below El Saco Peak. It was a great weather on the second day as well, just in time for the remaining pictorial shots.

I may not be around on the actual date of the wedding, I am glad I join this pre-nup shot, I witness the love of two great friends whom we share the same passion and love of the mountain. 

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