Saturday, September 3

Back in the Road

Sept 3, I decided to run again along the busy road of Libertad  to the open and less busy streets of MOA. It drizzled a bit but that did not stop me, I just love to run again on familiar place. But because I also wanted to drop by the wet market and get some fresh sea foods for our next week's food consumption I had to cut my run a bit shorter. I only had an hour of run which ended in the wet market.

It's my first time to go straight to the Cartimar right after a run, I am sweating continuously while getting some fish, crabs and squid. Yay, all of them were amazed seeing me on my running attire doing the marketing. I was thinking of just getting less at this time for we still have stocks of food in the fridge but I ended up getting more.

Doing the marketing is also a stress reliever for me. There is something on it that made a part of me relaxed and relieved.  It never tires me going to the market, and I am always excited buying fresh foods that we will be eating for the following days ahead.

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