Tuesday, September 13

Back in the Park Today

It has been my habit to drop by the park on a work day, be it before, after or having lunch at Velasquez Park for more than a year now. I just love having a break from morning's work in the office and to be refreshed before facing the remaining hours of the day. 

Seeing the park on a broad day light is a refreshing experience for me. The park is full of life, people share bench with others, resting, eating lunch, or merely chatting. At times, there are group of people sitting on the ground eating lunch. On the playground are kids of expats playing while the moms and yayas are watching, at times there are those doing a noontime run/walk, others are taking a nap. 

In my case, most of the time I bring my lunch there, sit down in one of the bench, relax and watch while eating. There are sparrow birds that share my crumbs while cats want bones of fish and some lift overs. I take a power nap for just less than 10 minutes, refreshed and energized then head back to my office.

But I haven't been doing this lately especially that it has been raining and I also don't want to go down, I just stay in the office or eat the nearby restaurants. Not until today, I decided to have a different view while having my lunch. As always, the park is still full of life, the kids are full of energy playing, while others are just resting waiting for the lunch break to be over. A different lunch again today.

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