Saturday, September 3

No Place Like Home

Of the many places I've been too, far north or down south or even beyond the thousand islands of the country, there's one place i won't tired of going, my home province, Siquijor. Despite it's simple and backward living, I always wanted to go home, enjoy it's natural beauty.

I am always grateful to God, He gave me a family that value tradition and family ties that much. Until now we are living on a house build by my great grand parents.  It may be empty at this time for Mom is not around, we made it a point to have somebody to take care and live with it day and night time. So that as we decide to go home, the house is  well maintained and in good condition.

Going home despite it's challenge on the travel always excites me. I just love going to the home, seeing the green surroundings, having a long ride on a road with less or no vehicle at all, it's slow paced life made me slow in life as well, the familiar smell at home, seeing the simple things brings back good  and happy memories as we were all complete and  growing up. All of these gives me energy that I feel like it charged my inner self every time I go home.

My favorite things to do at home, sleeping in my bed, watering the plants, going through the fruit trees around, going to the beach, running on the empty streets every morning, lighting candle for our departed loved ones,  and most of all visiting the homes of our relatives and friends. Simple yet it gives so much meaning in life.

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