Sunday, September 11

Antipolo LSD Again

Picture taken by Pie Valencia
September 11 - back to our long slow run on our favorite venue, on the uphill road of Antipolo, my third time. Ati Pie is with us, her first to do the run on this route. Our favorite parking is already full when we reach Sumulong so we proceed few kilometers further, at this time in Caltex. That is few meters less in the distance that we will be doing today.As a tropical depression is expected this weekend, it is cloudy but did not rain. That makes our run easier and faster as well. 

On our way back, we decided to run the other side of the road. An additional load of  worth P100.00 of suman was added to my hydration pack, a good food before breakfast right after our run.  What I noticed at this time are the bikers coming up. They take the side most part of the road leaving no paved space for me to run but on the gravel part of the shoulder of the road. This is just like doing a trail run again. Until after the Al Padi Estate, we decided to do it on the other shoulder of the road making things easier for me. 

Picture taken by Pie Valencia 
The group ended our run with a breakfast at Buddy's Timog and a good dessert and nap at Rasver's Place. That was a good run after all, we deserve a good food. Thanks to my running buddies, 'til the next run.

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