Monday, September 26

My Bank Account of Endurance for Aconcagua Expedition

This is just a compilation of what I have been doing since January of this year in preparation to my Aconcagua trip. A combination of several physical outdoor activities, trekking, climbing, skyrunning, trail run, runs, long slow runs,  and marathons. This does not include the practice runs, ramps, wall climbs  and other physical activities that I regularly do on a weekly bases. It's to the hope that all of this will keep me prepared as the time for the big expedition comes.

Mt. Napulak, Jan. 20-22, '11 (Igbaras, Iloilo)
Mt. Napulak - A climb organized by Iloilo Mountaineers, Talahib Higher Ground group, I trek to one of the peak in the Igbaras area. My first time to join a climb outside my comfort zone group through my friend Philip, I got to know another climbers Julius and Farah whom become my good friends. As I am on a mixed group, the only instruction is I should be self contained, true enough I did including my tent, water load, food and cookset. A challenging trek to the peak but all worth it,  I was surprised by  solid rock formation I wish I can climb someday is it's highest peak.

Jan 29, '11, Sto Tomas Akyathlon
Mt. Sto. Tomas & Cabuyao Pilipinas Akyathlon Race - A trail run organized by the Philippine Skyrunning Team, my very first race for the year. I always wanted to do trail runs, it's just like running on the trail while we are carrying heavy packs on our back, the only difference at this time is I will only be carrying my provision for the day, the very minimal load  yet be able to sustain me til the end of the race. But because this is done on a high altitude, it makes things more challenging, as we go longer altitude goes higher and air becomes thinner. I have difficulty catching my breath. But the place being part of the cordillera mountain ranges, the view is just really beautiful, the pine trees are just really nice to look at, plus the rays of the sun as it raises from the east with clouds on the horizon, the view is just magnificent. Going down to the finish line is another story, it's a long rough road descend to the community where the finish line is. And the sun is gets higher, as I struggle to push myself to the most awaited finish line, it's really getting hotter. I know some of my friends are already in the finish line but some of them are still at the back. I finish the race second on my age category, not bad.

Jan 29-30, '11, Ambongdolan Bouldering
On that same day, right after the race I had to rush to another event, a bouldering to Ambongdolan, still in Benguet. Others call it crazy, after a race like that myself with Zean will do another strenuous physical activity.  But on my thoughts, this is going to be my chance to visit the place and at least do some bouldering. It's within the same area anyway. Thanks to Baguio climbers for arranging a transportation for us. The travel to the place is not easy though, it;s a long rough road ride up and down the mountain slopes. We went directly to the place where other climbers are already there. But we are too tired to climb, we slept in our tarp instead. The following day is so much fun, walking on the streets of Ambongdolan bringing our climbing gear. We go through dry river beds with big walls and boulders. Nice place to climb. We ended our trip with a caving activity on the nearby place.


Feb 6, '11 Conduran Skyway Marathon
Condura Skyway International Marathon, a Run for the Dolphins. My very first 42K run that starts from Bonifacio High Street, going out to the streets of Buendia that leads to the sky way entrance up to Sucat, the very end of the Skyway at that time. I just follow the advise of my good friends who has done marathons as well, just thought of happy thoughts, just enjoy the run, the view and other runners. But of course this is not an easy one as well. the race becomes a test of my endurance, both mental and physical. I am just glad I finish it within my target time of six hours, I did it in 5:36 minutes and still able to walk after that. I thank my support Jing and Arvin, they were waiting for me in the finish line.

Feb 19, Nagsasa Traverse
I heard so much about Nagsasa slopes and it's cove but I really haven't been there. When got invited even if I do  not know most of the climbers I join the trip. We started 3:00 am, a trek under the light of the moon,  making the adventure dramatic and so much fun. It's an easy trek going through the slopes of Nagsasa especially that I am only carrying a day pack, just my provision for the day. The cove is calm and beautiful. I settled under the pine trees and just rest after our lunch, wait for our boat ride then proceed to the shore where our transportation is waiting. I thank Pastor Noel for bringing me here, it was a relaxing weekend in a hills and the beach.

Feb 27 to Mach 2, Syue Mountain, Taiwan
Climbing Taiwan for the second time is always fun for me. I love this country, it's place, it's people, it's food, it's culture, the outdoor shops and the mountains. And being with Mr. Su,  feel we are in good hand. At this time in the midst of the winter season the entire team of 5 climbers, 1 guide and 1 cook were able to summit Mt. Shueshan. It was a great feeling being able to finally do it now. It's still cold but a more relaxed climb for me being my second time on this mountain. Knowing what to prepare now helps a lot on how to conquer the mountain. Great adventure on a snow at this time.

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