Wednesday, November 2

Baguio Yellow Trail Recovery Run

We just can't get enough.

After the 30 kilometer 10 hour trail run the day before, the group decided to do another trail run on the slopes of Camp John Hay, the Yellow Trail that most of the previous trail runs used. We call this another recovery run from the yesterday's run. Funny, it's a never ending recovery run for all of us. At this time we are with Alex, Alfred and Manong Toots. It's a relax pace of uphill down hill on a combination of trail and road, at some point we reach the top most part of the place overlooking the airport, along the ridge and down again to the trail and road.

At this time I am at the tail end, I just let them do their pace and not minding that much if I ma left behind. I don't want to push myself that much especially o nthe uphill part. I feel like I have to much running already. The group also have compression at some point making able for me to catch up with hem.

After almost two hours of running we are able to run a distance of almost 6 kilometers with an uphill elevation. We finish the run back to the Filling Station where the car is parked and proceed to a buffet lunch. We deserve a good meal after a good run.

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  1. hahaha! yeah, definitely a never ending "recovery run" for all of us! =P