Thursday, November 24

Meet My Climb Buddy Today

I have to meet Pedro today for two things, I haven't been seeing him lately, he is busy with his business while I am busy with my weekend adventures and I need to get the trekking pole that I borrowed from him for my Aconcagua trip. I am leaving Monday so I am now pressed of time.

I decided to get it first thing in the morning before I went to the office. I was hoping that I will only get it, see him, get the poles and then leave. But that did not happen. As I saw his white van, I thought he will only hand  me the poles but he asked me to get into his car, drive a little while I updated him ofnthe final leg of our preparation before we leave for Aconcagua Expedition. Though he drives just super slow, we went further until he asked if I have the time to spare, ofcourse how can I say no to Pedro,  we have  lots of updates to make.

We ended at Figaro for more two hours over a cup of tea and cofee. We really had so much to talk about. He is just as amazed and excited about our upcoming major expedition just like the first time we did the very first summit of the seven summits, Mt. Kilimanjaro. He was with us then. And I am just as amzed and excited to try listen his inputs about how to keep hydrated and insulated up in the mountains. What possible good food one should take up there and how to possible prepare it in a best way. I did not notice the time at all, it was already almost lunch time. Before I head back to the office he accompany me of buying coconut oil, one thing that I should have up in the mountain to keep me warm. We part ways with a promise that when I get back we should get together more often, so that he can try is recipes he thought would be best up in the mountain while I thought I should see him more often so that I can start learning to ride the bike and keep him physically fit as well. It was really nice talking to you Pedro.

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