Monday, November 7

Recovery Run - Cogeo Antipolo Route

Arvin has been planning to do a long slow distance run for Jepoy and Aaron, they will be doing a 42K run at SCM-SG this coming December. And my usual self said yes without even thinking what will be my schedule days before that. This is suppose to be an overnight stay at Tanay, so that we can run a longer distance the following day but because we are just few, cost of the resort will be much higher which the group decided to just leave the city early morning but on a different route as well.

I've been thinking of not joining anymore the night before, my legs are still sore from the run but I thought I can always just do a super relax pace, just walk while the others will run. Which I did the first 30 minutes, but when one runner pass by me and encourage me to do a slow running pace which he joined me as well, I finally started to run on the uphill part of the road. As the road goes further and the jeepneys and cars become lesser the horizon becomes wider and my sight has become more of the mountains, trees and green lush bushes, I begin to enjoy the run without thinking anymore my sore and aching legs.

As the one hour turn around cut off sets, I receive a text from Arvin, I thought of just continueing to run and just turn around when I meet them. As that happens, I was already with them going down up to where we started. It was a good run after all. I want to do this route next time on a fresh legs.

We ended our adventure with a great meal at Baliwag ERod, a cool choco vanilla with banana shake sooths our thirst from the run.

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