Monday, November 14

On Final Preparation for My AC Trip

Two weeks left and I still do not know how to organize my things for my major expedition. There are so many things on the list that I need to do and to organize. But aside from that I also have tons of office work to finish and personal things I need to attend to before leaving. Really, it's starting to scare me. 

But more than those things that I need to prepare and finish for the trip which I know I can finish before I leave, what adds up to my nervousness is my financial capability. I have just enough amount of money for the entire trip. But I need to leave some amount as well for my family. I cannot just leave for my expedition without leaving money for them. And just today my younger sister promised to lend me some amount to cover for that. Now I can breath and concentrate on my preparation for the expedition. Thank you so much my dear sister for being one of my sponsor on this expedition.

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