Saturday, November 19

Kabalikat sa Kalikasan - A Treeplanting Day for SCNoys at Ipo Dam

A relaxed Saturday for me. I decided to join Jing's invitation for a tree planting activity led by Smart in partnership with their sister company PLDT. Both companies are close to my heart, I have friends from Smart whom I become close in running and climbing. I also have friends in PLDT whom I can rely on not just when  I have problems with our high speed internet connection in the office but also become close to me personally, and I also have friends in climbing from the same company. 

I've been invited to join the company's community service activities  several times but it is only at this time that I join them. I have nothing scheduled on this day anyway. This will be at Ipo Dam in Norzagaray, Bulacan, one of the water reservoir that provides water including in Metro Manila. I know it will be a mix group of participants but I am confident I won't feel out of place, for sure there will be several friends who will be joining the activity. 

We are all taken cared off. I arrive in Smart Tower still dark and Pompo was still there. I thought he was joining us but he will be joining another activity of the company. Few minutes later familiar faces arrived. Our rides are already waiting for us but we ate our breakfast first before leaving. It's a two hour travel from Makati to the planting area. Upon arrival at Ipo, others were already there, mostly not familiar face to me. We gathered our things needed for planting, had a short orientation and proceed to the planting site on a 10 minute boat ride and short uphill trek. 

I become excited again, when it's being with nature it really gives me so much joy. Though it was just a short trek to the planting site, I wanted to do a short trail run, attempted several times but ofcourse I cannot do it continuously, there people ahead of me. We planted several seedlings in a readily prepared area, traversing the inclined uphill slope of the place. After several hours, we head down and go back to the entrance area for lunch and freshen up before leaving. 

I am glad I joined this event, I did not only give back to mother earth but I also gained new acquaintances who are also into climbing and running. It was fun doing a community service with them. Til the next outreach program friends.   

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