Monday, October 31

Mt.Ugo Skyrun - Recovery Run

It's a four day long weekend, I am suppose to have a 4 day Kibungan Traverse climb on this long weekend but because I have so many things to finish the first two days, I decided to let go of my climb, do and make sure to finish my chores the first two days and decided to join the spontaneous Mt. Ugo Skyrun, a recovery run for all of us and a revenge skyrun for us who did not make it to the summit three weeks earlier on this mountain.

We are 12, 8 from our group and 4 more runners that did the 50kilometer Baguio Cloud run the day before. It is a bright sunny day for all of us, a very much diffrent weather when we first did the skyrun three weeks ago. The skies are blue, the trail is dry, the view is magnificent, there's no sign of rain at all. It's hot an humid as we continue running but good thing we are under the shade of the pine trees as we trudge the long and winding road to the summit of Mt. Ugo.

The usual pace, Zean and Mia goes to the lead, I followed on the mid while Jules act as the sweeper of the team. Mariel is with us, it's her first trail run, it's her first to climb a mountain. We compress every after a difficult stretch after almost an hour. It's manageable this way because we are a small group. The four remaining part of the team is behind us but Bobong is there to lead them. We made several stops until the the finally reach hte summit before the cut-off time. Going down is a careful run with compression at some point as well.

The group finish the run with a good weather and everybody arrive safe on almost 10 hours. That was a great recovery run for all of us.

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