Thursday, November 10

Petzl RocTrip China 2011

No, unfortunately I did not join this trip.

But I always wanted to be at Petzl's Roc Trip in China, I saw this when our very own climber Dennis  Diaz with Karen Gudani attended the event two years ago. But unfortunately this year, I had so many other trips that I did not have the chance to join this trip anymore. Only to find out my good friend Sig Fernandez with her girlfriend Isa with Dennis again attended the event. And only to find out my idol rock climber Emely Harrington with other climbers were there too. I hope I can include this event on my list next year.

There is always something about rock climbing the entice my curiosity. I am not good at it, I always have that fear every time I am on the wall especially when  doing the lead climbing. Probably it's because I am up there and my feet are not on the ground. But there is also another part of  me that gets excited, every time I see rock formations especially big walls. And when I  am at it, I just really love the feeling that I am so close to it, I am hugging it, the nature can hear my breathe,  can  smell my sweat and can hear my  heart beat, can see my struggles into it. That's why I always admire those people who do it well. This sports is not for everybody, but the skills can be learned. And I just learn to love it along the way and in my little ways got to learn to do it. I  am still a long way of having the confident to really do it but at least I know that I love the sports no matter how difficult it will be. I can't wait to do my next outdoor wall. I haven't done much of it this year, it has been mostly running  and hiking that I do most this time. I wish to go back into it next year and prepare for two big events, in China and in California.!/media/set/?set=a.10150455998992160.428778.603612159&type=1

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