Friday, November 11

Kilian's Quest S3 E08 Kilian takes a break

I come and join the 25th Mt. Kinabalu Climbathon 2011 race without any expectations. Ofcourse I wish to reach the cut off time and be one of the runners that finish the race, for I can say I prepared and trained for it several months before the race as well . But I am also prepared to the possibility of not being able to reach the cut-off time. 

Aside from the race itself, I never expect so much on what experience I will have on this event. I thought, this will just be like any other big races that I joined, register, train, prepare, claim the race kit and come on the race  day,  cross the finish line, get the finishers medal and certificate, eat a little, then go home.  But I was wrong, this race is a different one. The atmosphere on the two race events are very festive, runners and supporters alike are very enthusiastic and dynamic. The starting point is so much full of life despite its freezing weather on the early hour of the day. And once the gun starts and the runners are released, it's the finish line that is now full of life as well.

I come to know my co-Philippine contingent well and  meet other runners from other countries as well. And I meet Kilian. Funny, I do not know him at all before this race. Honestly, I am not a Salomon brand person, probably I do not bother to research and check who their top athletes are. I just heard of him from my team mates, the reason when I meet him on the rock face of the mountain on training, while I was freezing cold one shirtless guy pass by me, few minutes later he was back down the trail. I had a short moment of conversation with him, without really knowing  that he is already the star of the race.  

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