Sunday, November 6

New Balance Power Race

No I did not win the Chevrolette nor win any place in the race that I joined but for sure I win another mileage of running on the road.

One of the rare races that has a 25 kilometer category, but I already tried it before. The only difference now is that I run the entire race under the rain. This is one of the long race that  I am sooooo wet. Even as early as when my alarm rings, I already feel of not leaving my bed especially on this kind of weather. One thing about early races, I really have to drag myself out of the bed, the reason most of my practice runs I do it only after work, in the evening not early in the morning.

Just like last night, I decided to just bring my shoes and put it on few minutes before the race, hoping the rain will stop and that I will have a dry socks and shoes. But it did not happen, it even rain harder. At this time, I decided to use my trail running shoes, my road running shoes is still wet from last night's run. So having a wet socks and shoes even before the race started I struggle the 25 kilometer distance hoping that I won't experience cramps. I feel it on my right thigh down to the sole that it's getting tighter as I run as I am  going the 19 kilometer distance. Probably its because of the wet sock.

With tha, t my last 5 kilometer is just a slow pace for I am so afraid I might not be able to finish the race because of cramps. I finish it. My time,  3 hours 10 minutes and 21 seconds.

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