Tuesday, November 22

A long road for an Argentine Visa

Finally we had our interview at the Argentina Embassy yesterday, 10am in the morning. Our most awaited letter from Aconcagua Trek in Mendoza, Argentina got delayed and it did not arrive yet. But still we proceed with the interview. Unlike other embassy that I've been to, this is different. We (as a group - of three) were asked to get inside a conference room with the Argentinian Consul and the lady that we've been talking the past months. 

It was a casual interview, asking each one of us what we do for a living, what on earth come to our minds of traveling that far and climbing such mountain. He is even amazed to see one female member of the team, that's me. What come to my mind engaging on such risky hobby. And after hearing each of us, the conversation leads to where to buy those TNF Jackets, and other gears, help them build  their website in the case of Zean.

And he asked for additional documents: 
1. copy of each of our credit card (which I do not have)
2. Health Coverage
3. Travel Insurance
4. In my case a copy of my passbook

They will go with the processing but we need to submit the following day all the added documents asked and only then we can pay for the visa. Today, I personally join Mondy to the embassy, I need to show my original passbook and explain to them about my not having a credit card. I have to make sure I  will be the one tp personally explain it to them. Thank God they did not bother to ask me and just proceed with the payment. That was a big relief in my things to do. 

Now I can concentrate on my long list of things to do that I need to finish before I leave.

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