Friday, November 11

Kilian's Quest S3 E09 Kilian takes a break Part 2

Kilian Jornet, 2011 International Skyrunning Federation Supercup winner, Mount Kinabalu Climthon 2011 champion and Salomon athlete.  He win so many races before this race. He is young and really love running in the mountain. He grow up close to nature. I admire his discipline into the sports, the way he trains and put so much effort during the race. I am lucky I am one of those who witness his success during the last season of his quest, the race in Mt. Kinabalu. And how he push himself just to bit the one leading the race, Marco de Gasperi.

But all the more I admire him when he come out of this video, saying it's not all about the awards that you get in winning a game. But rather it's the emotions that goes with it. The people that you are with when doing the race, when you are with nature. Congrats Kilian for all you wins and good luck on your coming races.

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