Saturday, November 5

Energizer Night Race 2011

My second night run, and I am beginning to like it.

After last week's 15K Adobo Run After Dark, I run again tonight's Energizer Night Race, just a 10K race though. But it's all fine with me. This is just  like a daily practice run for me, but there is always something on running when you are with the crowd, it gives me the enthusiam to push further therefore I slowly gain the speed that I am trying to build since I go into running. At this time though, we are running under the rain. I love running on the rain, though I hate the feeling of running on wet socks. The rain cool the humid temperature that I feel during the race.

The course merges with the other race category making some of the route congested and sometimes I am  bumped by other runners. While running we are required to wear the energizer headlamp that is part of the race kit, which is good, some part of the route is dark and bumpy and slippery.

It's a short distance though but a good warm up to my next race few hours from now, a 25K Power Run by New Balance and Chevrolette. I hope I will win the car.

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