Monday, April 30

Action Moment - TNF100 Baguio Benguet 2012

When I am on a race and so intense with what I am doing, there are moments that my mind just wish a camera somewhere is hidden to be able to capture the moment, be it  a running form that I just did, or capture my facial expression of  happiness or frustration or just a simple joy,  in such a way that it will create a story of how things are on the actual race .

Of the pictures taken from others of  this race, I have my few favorites, I thank those who take the time to capture the moment, the few precious pictures that I will forever cherish on this race.

Thanks Doni for this picture.
 I am not a roady person, running on a road is always a challenge for me. This race is no exception, even if this is a trail run, we still have to tackle the road portion of the course. What made it more challenging for me is the rough road with so  many gravel to deal with, if it hits my toes it's just really painful. And what is more challenging to that is when it is an uphill rough road. This is on our way to AS3, I am catching my breath after an uphill rough road, the group decided to  take few minutes of rest, thank God that give me sometime to recover.

Thank you Nix for this picture.
On this race, I really do not know why but I tend to hoard food, I eat at the aid stations and tend to carry extra on my both hands despite my carrying of trekking pole. In fact I wish I used a different bib holder, the one with elastic laces that I can hang food, but I did not. At AS4, in my wish to carry more food with me, one hand I bring the sweet potato, and I tried to tie the fresh banana on my hydration pack hoping that I will still have it when I needed it on the sharp descend of  Ligay Road to Camp 1. I did not notice, I loose it even half way of the run. Such strategy did not work.
Thank you Rax Cha for this picture.
 My fierce look, they said it's scary but looking at this picture while writing this blog, all I remember is how hot the several hours that I went through on that trail. For me that was the most brutal of all, and that is because of the blistering heat of the sun that reach almost 40 degrees celcuis. All I wanted when I reach at AS5 is really to pour water on my face and head. I feel like all those part of my skin exposed to the sun is burned. My reddish face tell it so.

Thanks Rax Cha for this picture
On this race, we cross several hanging bridge. I always feel challenged and not safe every time I cross one especially when I have load on my back or when on a running mode sharing the bridge with other runners. On this particular race I cross this bridge and the several bridge there after, but as seen here I just take my time to cross it, make sure I hold the wires on the side to make sure of my safety.

Thanks Ati Pie for this picture.
No enough words can explain how happy I am almost crossing to the finish line. I was just smiling and what an amazing feeling seeing friends and other runners cheering for me to cross the finish line.

Thanks Rica for this picture.
After several minutes of crossing the finish line, I am still stinky, hungry, thirsty and tired, I notice Edu and Iker coming to the ROX ground. I cannot let them pass without giving a hi hello to them, which I did and I am happy I did. At least Iker confirmed through our conversation that trail was one of the most difficult  100 trail run he ever did. I did not even notice their facial expressions as I was busy conversing with them. I thank God my social skills come back after the race....

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