Wednesday, April 11

adiNation: Session 3 - Ultra Core Training

I am beginning to look forward on the coming session each week. This time it is going to be a pylometrics + run for advance runners. We need to use thera bands. What ever that is, I really do not have any idea at all. As my motto on this weekly activity, I will just go with the flow, no questions ask, just do whatever is asked for us to do. 

After a warm up of 1 round on the oval, we are asked to bring out the thera bands, I do not have one, I got curious what it is. It's an elastic band with wide width. It comes on different colors. There are different exercises,  mostly on the floor, that we are going to use it. But since not all of us have, we need to divide the group into two, the first half will do the exercises with the band while the second half will do the exercises without which I belong. We just wait for the other group to finish. It's a long set of several exercises before we are allowed to run one round in the oval. Three sets of it.

While the other half of the group do the run, we will proceed with the pylometric. It's challenging than I thought it will be. Looking at how others did it, it's not easy and true enough when it was my turn, it was not really easy. Having to work on the core on most of the exercises, it also uses the elbows most of the time to support the form. Really interesting. I hang on to it. Determined to do what is asked of us to do, I just focus on how to do it correctly. After doing all the set of exercises, we will alternate it with running one round in the oval. 

I end the session really happy. More than the core muscles and  inner joints being awakened and stretched, I can feel both my elbows really sore. That is probably how heavy I am that a direct contact to a concrete floor really hurts. 

The pain that I felt do not matter at all. I have fun doing all the exercises and I know I bring home another technique that will strengthen my goal on running. I thank our session leader for sharing her knowledge to us and patiently teaching us the right form. Really looking forward on the next sessions.

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