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Salomon Xtrail Pilipinas 2012

I always love to run the trail. I love the fact that I am so much close to nature while running,  sometimes even to the point of almost kissing the ground while doing a technical traverse of a certain part of it, or get a chance to  hold  branches of  the trees and  the bushes just to make sure of a secure footing on an ascend or descend on a slippery part or just simply enjoying the vast green horizon while taking advantage of a clean fresh air. But where I live, I never really have a chance to do trail running at all, I need to go out of the city in order to be able do it,  instead I just make use of the road even if I least prefer doing it just to be able to run. So when this race, Salomon Xtrail,  was announced, I said I should join it. Aside from the fact that this event is organized by my friend, this will also be my chance to be with nature again.

We arrived at the race venue earlier than the gun start, giving us enough time to  park the car, fix  the things we will bring for the race, final visit to the toilet and finally proceed to the starting line. We still managed to take few pictures with friends before the gun start, all smiles as if not too worried of what will be ahead of us on the trail. I  am  excited for this race, I want to hit the trail again.

As soon as we are released, runners of the 24 kilometer distance all rush to the short asphalt downhill  road, I just take my time making myself adjust to the terrain and the weather, not so cold though compared the last race we were here. Until every runner just slow down and a start of the human traffic appears,  this now leads to the trail head of this race, it's a single track route making runners to just run on single line. At first I just take my time, waiting for the one in front of me to move forward but as minutes pass by I can't help anymore but over take,  if given the chance,   the one in front of me. Every time I  find a clearing on the side for a chance to go ahead I just push to over take others. It's a never ending uphill and I just keep on moving until we reach the flat and down hill slopes. I just enjoy the run on the trails making myself aware of the picturesque place. As the sun started to come out, vast land of green trees, vegetable plantations and developments on the some parts are now visible. The day of the race is blessed with good weather, it just drizzled towards the last few kilometers before the finish line.

I just take my own pace, Alen whom I am running with is on a far distance from me now,   he managed to take advantage of the downhill flatland areas, those are my  water low especially on the road parts. But it was on assault to the 24 km turn around point that I enjoy the most. The steep incline single track with rope is just so much fun for me, I did not use the rope but rather use my hands scrambling on the rocks and trees for  a sure balance. Aside for a rope, this segment has sharp rocks, loose soil, thorny bushes and branches. And I descend on this part with so much fun as well. My fingers already pricked by a thorn on my way up, I decided to put on my gloves and just hold on to anything without hesitation now. It is on this part that I managed to catch up with Alen and we go together going down running like kids. I really find that part so much fun.

The last 2 kilometer uphill road is the most brutal of all. I tried to keep my usual uphill pace, slow stride until I just can't help but just walk. This part really slow me down, but I am thankful I keep a slow pace until it turned to the downhill slope making me run on a free wheeling mode. I cross the finish line with a big smile on my face for I am really happy with the trail.

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I congratulate my Philsky family who run on this event, all of them made  a strong finish especially Mia and Kuya Andrew. I also would like to congratulate my AMCI friends who did equally well on this race especially Alen for his determination  to cross the  finish line strong despite the cramps he experienced on some parts of the road on our way back.  And most especially to Kim,  for her amazing determination to finish it despite the sweeper of the race's offer for a ride, she insisted that she will walk  and not take the ride no matter  how long it will take her to reach the finish line. That is the spirit. She finish it without the start/finish arch nor the timer  anymore, but she managed to claim her finishers medal, her loot bag and her food.  It's just fun seeing familiar faces and having to share the same experience with them.

Congratulations too to  the organizers for a well organized race. They are able to offer a brutal course that pushed runners to its limits. Job well done.

Pictures: Salomon Xtrail Pilipinas 2012

Keeping a copy of the video released after  the race.

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