Thursday, April 5

CCUM - I Wish to be Part of It

I really do not know how to start my post on this one. Last week I decided to write something about Copper Canyon Ultramarathon, a race that I know few years ago through a race director of a race that I joined, got so intrigued about it that I give a serious thought of saving for it probably for next year's race if given the chance to be part of it, in short if I will qualify for it and if my financial capability will allow me to do it, I will go for the race. That I have in mind. More than any other runs and races that I  joined, there  are just two that I dream of joining, the  Copper Canyon Ultramarathon (CCUM) and EBC Marathon. I just do not know what's on those two races that I know deep inside me I will be able to join  both someday. 

After the CCUM race  this year, my inner self got awaken again. The pictures and the stories written about it is just simply breathtaking and very inspiring. And after doing minor research and reading about it, all the more I become determined to find out if I will really qualify to the race and make my dream a reality. I decided to send a letter to the race director, Micah True (Caballo Blanco). He did not reply to my email but rather he send me a friend request in facebook, I am positive and I know that he read my email. I accepted his friend request and since then I got to see his activities most especially that of the recent CCUM race. 

 Upon my research, I stumble upon the book written about the Tarahumara's and the star Micah. I heard about this book before but really did not look into the details of it. At this time, I thought I should order one online or get a copy of it when I will be in the US. I am just intrigue what is written about the running tribe and how Micah inspire them to open their lives to the rest of the world.

Born to Run Book
Inspired by the book Born to Run by Christopher MacDougall

Keeping a copy of this one would be nice, I thought. And probably have it signed by the star when given the opportunity to meet him in person. What he have done to the running community is just spectacular and grand and very inspiring making others to follow his footsteps as well. 

But even before I finish this blog, just one day, few days after I started this blog and just few days before I write a letter of intent to him, a news all over the internet site about his not returning from a morning run spread. Until several days after his body is just found along the trail where he did the run. The entire running community was shocked about his passing, so is myself especially that I have been thinking of pursuing my dream of doing the CCUM and meeting him.  Micah's Death It really made me so sad. I really do not know why, I haven't  meet the person, infact I do not know so much about him yet I feel like I lost a friend. And I can imagine all the more to those people close to him, all those who has run with him, all those whose lives are touched by his presence, just like my Malaysian friend Seow Kong Ng. Friends Recall Micah True He has been so instrumental to other people, especially to the community where he has touched. Cause of Micha's Death Our paths never crossed yet I am so inspired by your passion in life especially that of running.

 Despite Micah's passing, I still dream of running on the mountain slopes of the Copper Canyon and be running among the first ultra runners of the world if the event will still continue and if given the chance. I really do not know but Canyons really entices me that give me so much joy when I am one with them. 

As I come across what ever notes about him, I can't help but make a post of it here. Caballo Blanco's Last Run


  1. have u read the book na? it can feel a bit overrated but it's a very nice book. it never fails to inspire. got copy from runnr and also frm fully booked :)

    1. i really haven't read the book, in fact i do not have a copy of it yet. so meron pala yan dito sa atin. coz I plan to get it on line or when I get back to the states...hhhmmm...mahanap nga...but even without the book i still dream of running CCUM. i guess i just find it super exciting to run on the canyon just like in arizona.