Monday, April 30

Another One for the Trail - Camaya Coast

I haven't got any race nor out of town trip that weekend, having the volunteer spot still open, I decided to join as volunteer of the Camaya Coast Aquathlon Challenge. This will be my very first visit to Camaya Cove, my second time to volunteer and be part of the marshal of a race. I am not used to it, I am used to be part of the action, to be one of the racer and competitor. I left home hoping that despite my being a volunteer I can still run on the trails of this place. 

Upon arrival at the port where the ferry will bring us to the cove, some of my friends are already there. I know some of the competitors but most of them are new faces to me. This is a group of athletes that I haven't been exposed to, the triathletes; the swimmers and the bikers. And it inspires me to see them on their tri-suit. I wish I can wear the same, but I know that wouldn't be that realistic at this time. 

It's a two hour ferry ride to the cove, upon arrival, we are greeted by the serene atmosphere of the place, white powdery sand, clear water,  blue skies, cool sea breeze and most of all hospitable host of the event and staff of the place. We settle at one table, get ourselves organized then proceed to the registration table and see in what little way can I be of help. It's not that busy, more hands are already at helping things out to make sure distribution of race bibs and singlets goes well, I just go around take pictures, enjoy the view and really thinking of running. I talk to my fellow marshals and ask if sweeper is needed, the trail is a two loop route with marshals on several meter intervals, a sweeper is not so much of a need.

As all the participants for the five category race both on trail run and aquathlon has been called for mass start, I just position myself at one corner making sure that I have a good view of the starting line for a good shot of the start of the race. Though I am already on my running attire and  had put on sun protection, I am still not decided if I will run. The heat of the sun is building up. But as all the athletes are released, my itchy feet cannot resist the temptation.

I decided to follow the run part of this race. It started on the beach running on the sand to road run, to the rough road, I'll just follow the last runner I thought. The distance gets longer from the rough dusty road in between the coconut trees it enters a single trail. Until it leads to a little uphill under the shade of several trees, crossing a creek, small enough one not to get wet when you can hop from one stone to the other, until it goes to the open ridge. It's sunny hot humid and dusty. The turn around leads to a downhill rough road until it goes back to the beach front.

Nice trail, it's short but it's a good taste for beginners on the trail, a little of everything. I ended just running one loop, after which I decided to witness the crossing of the participants at the finish line. It's just really inspiring to see people able to finish the race. At some point I thought I should have registered instead of just being a support....but all in all I have a great time, the run, the beach, the food, the people I am on the sun.  

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