Friday, April 27

Heat Training

I have one upcoming 50 mile road race this summer, though it's already towards the end of the season, since it is a road run and at an island, I still expect it to be hot. So is my anticipation of exposing myself to the heat of this crazy weather  in order to be used to the heat come race day.

I've been exposed to the heat of the sun especially lately,  it's summer and it's terribly hot. I've been to several races that is hot as well but I never made an effort to really train and get exposed to the direct heat of the sun as part of my preparation for a race. But I feel that I should make it a point to train for it.   My heat training started on my race last weekend, the TNF100. From AS4 is a 12 kilometer sharp road descend to AS5. But unfortunately I trudge this stretch on the middle of the day at almost 40 degrees Celsius of direct heat of the sun. I know how long and how unfriendly the road to my knees is, I've done this route before. Unlike others who take refuge to the shade that we pass by along the road, what I did was rush to my might despite the heat. I can feel it scorching to my skin under my tights and arms sleeves. But if I'll gonna wait for the sun to go down, that will not give a enough time to tackle the rest of the trail.

Another training come in yesterday, as I have to go out of the office and attend some important matters despite the heat, I decided to take advantage of it. I did not take a ride nor bring an umbrella. I purposely walk on the part which directly hit by the sun. More than a kilometer walk under the heat of the sun.

Today, I did another one, not as long as yesterday but hotter I thought. And I hope to continue this routine, hoping that I will be able to get mileage on my heat training.

April 27, at Camaya Aquathlon, I  get my another chance of heat training. Join the trail, short though but already hot.

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