Tuesday, April 3

MVP Fun Run 2012 - My Recovery Sunday

April 1, after my Salomon Trail run I've been thinking what could be the best recovery run, my legs are still fine and  in good shape after that 24 kilometer trail and road  race. Been planning to bandit with  the 10 Mile Yakult run  but I just feel like not into it. I got hooked with the computer rather late Saturday night, so I just thought of doing my own recovery run after the Palm Sunday Mass the following day. 
But just before I go back to sleep I receive an SMS message from Aaron forwarding a message from Arvin inviting us for to join 5 kilometer fun run as part of their company's Mini Olympic event. I give it a thought, I feel not motivated to prepare my road running attire but I finally decided to join. Have to wake up early, go to the meeting place and proceed to Meralco compound. We arrive just in time for the gun start, Aaron just hand me his other race bib number so that I will run with a number as well. I just take it my own slow pace, without even thinking of sprinting at some point. This is a recovery run for me after all. My friends all sprint, all of them now ahead of me, even Arvin who started late than myself. It's a two loop run inside the Meralco compound, towards the finish line  I saw one familiar face, my friend from PLDT.  I got a chance to chat with him again. I rush the finish line in 31:24 minutes.

After the run, I just enjoy watching the clusters of  employees from different group of companies, chatting, taking pictures, eating, or just simply being around. It is evident on their faces that they have so much fun participating this particular part of their company event. I can imagine how much more supportive each one of them are on the other sports of this event. I miss Sir Carl and Jing though but I am glad to chat with Pompo, Ellen S., Joyce and Ellen E and the others too.

We stayed for the awarding ceremony, chatting with other runners and taking pictures with the MVP stars. That was a one fun recovery run for me. Thank you Arvin for inviting us and it always feel great to be with Smart friends.

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