Friday, April 27

The North Face® Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® (UTMB)

I heard about this race several years ago, in fact  I have friends who joined and finish the race and they are very inspiring. I also have a close friend who's dream is to be part of this race, he discussed this to me even before our big expedition. Aside from him, I have other friends who are vying for points as well in order to qualify for slot of the race. My thoughts, probably I'll pass on that extreme sports already. I am not too sure how I will be able to survive on that harsh and extreme condition. UTMB Info  

In order to qualify to register for a lottery slot of this race,  yes, qualified runners are drawn by lottery to get a final list of participants,  one has to earn points from the previous year on the several ultra trail (100 kilometer races) marathons listed as a qualifying runs. One has to reach the number of points required, now raised from 5 to 7 points. And each qualifying ultra race has an equivalent points depending on the difficulty of the race. Most races 2 and some 3 points.

As I join several actually 3 ultra trail races now, I did not notice I earn points as well. And after our very recent TNF100 which gives 3 points, I now have 8 points total. Wow, that qualifies me  to register for a slot of UTMB. Accidentally, I discuss this with a friend and she encouraged me to try it. "Why not try it, it's already on your lap, might as well give it a try", she said. Last night, as I met my other friend who help me on my recent TNF100, she said the same to me as well. And my friend from Singapore who happens to have a friend that run with me at the trails of Baguio Benguet also mentioned the same to me. They are all very encouraging, I become excited as well and that gives me a thought.

I know even just a thought of giving it a try  this December to register for a lottery slot,  I should never stop my training as early as now, I have to improve on a lot of areas on running,  especially on trail running, work on my speed on the flats and increase the distance that I have been running. My longest distance yet is 100 kilometers on a trail with a highest elevation gain of 5,000MASL, UTMB  is a lot lot lot bigger than what I already experienced. This should be something that I should anticipate if I will really join this race.

What my decision be, I really do not know for now, I just have to let my fate deal with it as the time for me to decide comes. With the divine intervention I hope I'd be able to make a right decision.

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