Thursday, April 19

The North Face: On Everest Video Dispatch 1 - Sam Elias

Watched this video three times since it has been posted early this morning (Philippine time) on facebook today. I can't help but have a  teary eyes, even on my 3rd time watching, while listening to Sam Elias narrating his story. I just do not know why, it's a mix feelings of excitement, how beautiful Nepal is and all the more I've been drawn to keep my dream of reaching this place and be one with the Himalayan mountain ranges. And another thing is I can totally relate how it feels to be having that feeling of fear and excitement embarking to a major unknown expedition like this, and I can totally relate to Emily, how it feels to be slowly hit my altitude sickness and be the only girl in the team. 

I am excited for all of them on this adventure, praying for their safety and success . Again,  I just want to have a personal copy of this beautiful update from the team.

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