Wednesday, April 4

adiNation Session Two - April 3, 2012

Core Training. That's what we have for this Tuesday, the second session of this clinique and I love it. It's a combination of a one loop 1.2 km run around the cemented park and six sets of  core stretching exercises. I barely know anybody tonight, there are familiar faces from last weekes session but all of my running buddies are just not around. But despite that, I just go on with the drills despite my being alone and started to make few acquiantances. Kharene was there but was on a different group, Kat and Angie followed which joined in our group too.

I haven't been doing the stretching exercises especially that of the core stretching like crunches and pull ups for a long time now. This is something that I love doing before so I just have to keep myself familiar with it again. After each set of exercises, the group of 10 runners will run around the park of 1.2 km  loop as a group. I have fun catching up with my team, most of them are ahead and I am almost always at the back, the last among the group.

Admittedly, it was in the last loop that I love the most. Forming one line on a slow forward jogging pace, the last person of the line will sprint to the front catching up the first person. That was so much fun for me, a speed training exercise which I need to improve on my running endeavor.

I end up my running session tonight with a smile in my face for I know I learn something new, gain my much needed mileage for the week and gain new friends as well. I will not be in Manila next session though but I hope to catch up on another venue, Bonifacio High Street, and I am looking forward to it.

Honestly, I am beginning to love this training and will look forward to the coming  sessions and drills. Something to look forward to as the week will come. Yahoo......

Note: All pictures are taken from the album of Ayala Triads FB site.

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