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TNFTeam: Progress on Everest Expedition 2012

Conrad Anker, Cory Richards, Sam Ilias, Emily Harrington, and more all together in one expedition. That would be an amazing one. I am as much as excited as their Denali Expedition years back.

I have been a fan of these great athletes since I got introduced to the outdoors. It's not just because they are an athlete to my most favorite outdoor brand TNF but because each of they are just really good at their individual craft, they excel on the sports that I also love to do. And most of all, they also  are good  individuals even outside the sports that they excel on. 

On their expedition to Everest on the 2012 climbing season, I keep track of how the group progress on their expedition, hoping that each of them can cope with what the mountain demands. With that, I keep a copy of those several dispatches that they made, just for my personal reference.

I simply love how Emily describe her travel to Nepal, the places in Kathmandu, their plane trip to Lukla and so on. I can feel her excitement and anxiety on this huge adventure. I wish her the best of luck. Kathmandu to Basecamp

On a high altitude climb especially that of passing through the snow and ice section, I can totally relate how challenging it is, the temperature, the fear of what might happen while on the middle of it. I really haven't experienced a full blown mountaineering expedition with all the technical gear that one will rely your life on it. I just can imagine how hard and difficult that is. The Fat Lady Sings

Climbing a big mountain entail so much technical skills, determination, prayers and so much luck. One will never know what might happen next, the weather, the condition of the ice wall, etc. One will just hope that a catastrophic incident such as storm, avalanche, etc will happen when no one is up there. Avalanche at Base Camp 1

I know how frustrating it is when you are strong and physically capable when on a normal situation, but up there when everything is uncertain and you are one of those hit by the altitude, you are so helpless and cannot do anything about your situation is. All you can hope for is that you will overcome the situation and come out safe. Cory's Evacuation

Sad to know that one member of the team had to withdraw from such an amazing expedition. The mountain will always be there. reaching the summit is optional; getting back down is mandatory! Cory Richards 

Another dispatch on the research side of the expedition. Mayo Clinic at Basecamp 

Engaging on a big expedition that will run for  several days or weeks on any high altitude mountain  is a very physical demanding activity that entails so much physical energy even if a sherpa or porter is available to carry all ones  gears and equipment to the higher camps. Just to bring oneself to the higher camp is already a very big effort. With that, all you wish for is to stay healthy and physically fit. One is lucky if you get the kind of food that is familiar to your taste buds and will have the appetite to eat whatever is served. I experienced both, on an expedition when I eat so much gusto, but I also experience an expedition when even if really want to eat for more, I just cannot take anymore the food that I have been eating for more than 14 days already. On Mt. Everest, it seems like food supply is overflowing, and the kind is familiar to my taste buds. I guess I will survive on this expedition. Mt. Everest Diet

Emily's Thoughts About Big Expeditions

I really wish them all the best of luck while doing the summit push on this big mountain. Patience on an Expedition 

Finally, the team made it to the top despite the many challenges encountered along the way. They Made It To the Top

An Interview of Emily Harrington: On Reaching the Top of The World  

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