Thursday, May 10

Time Trial - adiNation Session 7

It's the second session for the month of May, the 7th since it started. What's in store for us?  Time trail and fartlek runs for now. Sounds  interesting. I really want to work on my speed and I hope I can on the sessions to come. 

I belong to the last few sub-groups of the team, so we waited for the several dispatches. Observing the runners dispatched earlier,  others really run fast while others just more or less on my pace. I just hope I can perform well on my turn. One round on the oval with a distance of 1.2 kilometers. I did it 6:28. I'd like to think I ran faster than my normal pace, usually I ran 7 minutes per kilometer. 

As mentioned so many times, I am not a fast runner, I just work on my goal of not walking at all even on my full 42K ran, and I achieve that goal. And I was able to maintain that, even on ultra running, I just continue running with very minimal rest. Now I hope to work on my speed. 

After our time trial is a fartlek run, though we only did two rounds instead of 4. I haven't been to any running clinique but I like the way Ayala Triads handle this weekly session. It's activities are structured in such a way that it develops not just our running technique but also develops the core. Thanks Zaldy, Gia and the rest of the team.

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