Thursday, May 3

Ice Cream Treat after a Hard Work Out - adNation Session 6

It's the first running session for the month of May, what used to be a Tuesday run,  was moved to Thursday for it was a holiday last Tuesday, May 1, it's  Labor Day. Been looking forward to this session, I am excited to go through what is instore for us tonight. Besides, after my long trail run, I really haven't been back to a real serious run, I made a five kilometer run last Sunday, a long walk last Wednesday, but that's just it. So I am really looking forward to this session, besides there will be KOTR singlets to be raffled, that always excites me. I did not qualifythough for a monthly Adidas raffle, but it is ok.

I arrive earlier at Ayala Triangle, just my usual self,  I just stay at one corner, wait for some friends to arrive or wait until everybody will be called to start the stretching. It's metafit exercise this time with interval of 700 meter run. I really do not have any idea what metafit is. My usual motto, just go with the flow.

After the stretching is a run, I just take it my own precious pace, and sometimes wait for my friend and chatting along the way. Interval with the run is a series of exercises from an easy manageable forms to challenging one that focuses on the core. I even lost count of how many 700 meter intervals we have made. I just do the run and exercise religiously,  my body sweating to the highest. I love it, I am back to my training mode again.

Despite the drizzle, the group culminates the night with a raffle, unfortunately I did not bring home any prize. I drop by the office before I head home and decided to get a cone of ice cream. I feel I deserve a cool sweet dessert. What a good way to end my night after a great work out. Looking forward on next week's session. Thank you Ayala triads.

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