Friday, May 11

I Wish To Do It Soon

"You haven't been to the mountain lately", my younger sister asked me while we are waiting for our food to arrive.

That gave me a thought. Had I not? And I realized, yup, I haven't been to the mountain to trek/climb since the year started. When was the last time I climb? I can't even remember what month of last year anymore, well of course aside from my big expedition last December. I miss those times that I  am on panic mode  packing my climbing gear and rushing to the bus terminal to catch up my bus ride, carry heavy load on my back, trekking for several hours, river crossing, mud all over my shoes and even pants, at campsite before sunset, setting up and breaking up tents, cooking dinner, rushing to the wash up area. I have been to the mountain since January, to run. Those several months of training for my big race, and it paid off. I also have a great time running the mountain and I like it. 

I admit, I've been missing the mountain, while my good friend Farah trek/climb like  crazy every single weekend that she is available while I got crazy going to the mountain to run as part of my training. It's just lately that I realized, I really miss the mountain. It's about time I should go back to the mountain and trek. And I hope to do it soon.

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