Friday, May 4

Chased by the Rain

Determined to run on my way home today despite the drizzle.

It has been gloomy the entire day, infact it rain noon time. Towards the last hour before my day in the office ends, it drizzle again. It seem like it's just slow looking from the window. I decided to put on my running shoes and put all my things inside my hydrayion pack and off I go. As I step out of the building where my office is, a drizzle that I thought is just slow turn out to be not. But that did not stop me from running.

Hoping that the drizzle will stop or at least not get stronger, I follow my usual route, drop by two banks to withdraw funds for the weekend. As I get out of my last stop, true enough the rain drops gets bigger and harder. It's tempting to bring out my umbrella but I did not. Instead I run faster, bigger stride, faster pace hoping that I won't get wet from the rain. Whahhhh.....the rain did not stop but it did not stop me from running. I arrive home wet from the rain and sweat. What a good way to end my weekday. Another run, under the rain.

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