Thursday, May 31

Have To Be Kind With My Legs

God, my stubborn self. Up until now, a day before the supposedly race briefing for an ultra race that I decided to give up two days ago, still a thought of joining the race  keep on coming to my mind. With the condition of my legs now, I think I will be fine to do a long distance race soon, I thought. But the other side of me said, just let it go.
I am suppose to be running another ultra this weekend, a 50-miler trail run, my third ultra in a row with one week interval. This has been set a month ago.

One of my ultra runner friend from Cebu already told me to be kind to my legs. Not to run too many ultra but rather choose among the many that is available every month and have some time to rest. That way I will be able to recover and have a decent finish time. Of course I value so much her sisterly advise but that did not stop me from continuously running an ultra race that soon after the other. 

As I exchange conversation with my ultra runner friend from Malaysia two days ago updating things to each other, I mentioned about what I have been doing and  what I intend to do in the next few weeks. He again mentioned to me, if the race this weekend is not that iconic, let it go. Run shorter distance now and work on your speed. 

"Cheryl, I'll suggest that you give this 50 miler a miss, unless this is such an iconic race that you don't want to miss. Rest your legs a while, and work on the speed. May be you should run shorter races instead for the next 2 months before the marathon in The High."

That's it. With that being said, right there and then I decided to let go of TD race. And work on looking for an available race bib for a 21K trail run this weekend. Focus on shorter distance on the next two months and work on the speed. I really hope I can hang on few more months on doing ultra run and focus on my speed. 

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