Tuesday, May 15

2012 King of the Mountain Trail Run - Registered

Another ultra trail run in a making, it's 100 kilometer race again. Just one month apart from my last ultra trail run and here I am again. This is going to be a back to back ultra, a Bohol Benguet ultra run, from the road to a trail. What have I put myself into again. 

I have been climbing Mt. Ugu several times and been to the mountain slopes below it, I just hope that what I know about the mountain and the neighboring communities of it will be an advantage on this race. 

Others call me crazy, for I did not even give myself a chance to recover and regain the lost energy and strength, but I think this will be my practice to my upcoming big event this August. Testing my endurance to the highest level. I hope and pray for my safe race and be able to do it on time. 

Wishing all the runners of this race a safe and injured free run. All the best. 

Here's the link of the race details: King of the Mountain Trail Run 2012

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