Saturday, May 5

Cardiac Arrest at Shotgun

Been wanting to get a real good run for more than a week now. After my ultra race, I am back to my playground on the busy streets of the city, short distance but at least I have a work out. As weekend approaches I am turn between going an out of town long run or family. My Mom and sister will be at home to spend the weekend with us. I know I still can have a good run but it should be near by the city so that I can be home before lunch. 

My good friend and running mate Pat posted that he will be running at Timberland the following day. Without hesitation I thought of joining. I haven't been to this place for several years now. Unfortunately, I was late on our agreed meeting time, I hate it, I never thought it was that difficult to get a ride on an early morning from my place. I should try a different strategy next time. After several rides, we finally reach  the place where runners  and bikers usually start. 

It's a different start from where we use to run before on this place several years back. I just follow Pat, a gradual uphill start, leads to another uphill turn to another uphill turn. It's on a concrete road with 45 to 60 degrees inclination. I was really catching my breath every uphill turn that we made. I tried not to walk and just continue my super slow uphill pace, I did it several turns until I just take it my usual normal brisk walk pace. Pat is way ahead of me now. Whow...this is a terrain that I have been looking for, a place where I can practice my uphill and downhill technique. As we go farther,  road that I thought will merge to the one that I know of on this place did not happen. We ended on a rough road that leads to another uphill. Little did I know that this place is the famous shotgun route. So, this is the playground of my running friends. Beautiful.  It's already late, the sun is already up so we decided to head back down to where we started. 

I am really glad I join this run. For me, this is another playground found just near the city. The terrain will be a good training for the uphill and downhill technique. Nice 

How to reach Timberland:
Bus from EDSA to Philcoa
Jeepney ride with San Mateo signage from Philcoa to San Mateo
Get down at San Mateo Puregold
Tricycle ride to Aling Nena's Restaurant in Timberland

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