Thursday, March 22

I Did Today - Run, Walk, Stair Climb

After my weekend mountain escapade, I managed to run last night from my office to Bonifacio High Street with Rica. We pass by the McKinley loop before we made several loops inside High Street. From Ayala, we have to negotiate the intersections, underpass, overpass but once we reach the McKinley side it was already  a smooth run though we have to negotiate with commuters on the side walk as well. It was not bad as I thought it will be and I think I will use this route again on one of my weekend runs. High Street though is no longer as conducive to running as it used to be due the high rise constructions. But at least that gives me my much needed recovery run and mileage for the week. 

Today though, after my daily morning short core and stretching exercises,  unexpectedly I decided again to do my last week's route. Walk from my house to Victory Liner Pasay to purchase my ticket for this weekend's north trip again before going to the office. I followed the same route as I have last week, making minor runs on areas clear from people and vehicles. But one thing I add today is I decided to do the stairs from the ground floor up to my office at the 25th floor. Managed to reach the office all sweat and pupping for air. Not bad after all.

Do not know yet what will I do after office.

My supposedly dinner meeting with a friend did not push through, I am not in my running form though so I decided to just walk back home from Makati. Not bad idea after all. 

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