Thursday, March 15

Caught on the Act

At 46.3km mark a.k.a. the lipstick station. Past 4:00am and been running for more than 6 hours already. Tired and been yearning to see the finish line, I did not stop to put on some lipstick but made me smile of how creative the support crew are. Thank you Yendys Pics for this great shot. Love it. 

Among the few pictures of myself taken at  some of the  stations and along the route during the entire race, it is at this station that I just simply love my shots. It's just very candid at how I reacted on this part despite my being so wasted and tired already. It took me several seconds to comprehend that the big frame is a mirror, I really thought it's a  souvenir frame just like on a wedding or baptism event that each guest has to sign on, and which  made me think if  I have to sign as well. 

Caught on the act. I gracefully said "no thank you, in as much as I want to put some lipstick, I just want to finish the race". thank you ladies.....

I just wish I will have the same nice shot upon crossing the finish line. 

Again, thank you Sydney Photography..... very much appreciated.

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