Wednesday, March 7

I Have to Choose

As I said, early part of this year I cannot even think of what my plan of activities be, I need to lay low a bit and to save. But as months slowly come, many unplanned travels happened, many events being joined and many races has been finished. All I can say....My God....

And most of this are runs, I thought this will just be my training and part  of  my preparation to my La Ultra trip, not as a runner but as a support crew. At least I will be able to pay back my sponsor by being physically ready to the responsibility that is expected of me on the event. 

But of course along the way I have to balance between my obligation at home and spending my resources on what I really love to do. There are so many things really that I love to do, my wish, if only I have the resources I know I will do all of it soon. 

Just today, I purchased my ticket to India, availing the promo fare makes it cheaper but of course it still has a cost. And aside from this I have to decide of purchasing my ticket for Bohol for an ultramarathon this coming May. I've been wanting to do this race, this race being held on a province which is part of the  region where I grew up, I really want to do a  run on the island. I haven't really purchased the ticket but I know I have to soon. And need to register as well. 

And there is an audition of the Amazing Race Philippine edition. Very tempting to join, though I am also considering so many things. So many what ifs, can I really leave the office that long if in the event that I will pass the audition? But the thought of doing it is very enticing. My God. All the more I got encouraged when my suppose partner give it a go for this one to undergo an audition, then my friend Rica who is the culprit of it all said, 'what's to lose if you'll gonna try it out on step1, just step 1. It's an opp to travel (I believe they cover the travel expenses of the participants) and use your skills.' My we are again, as I read the rules, the requirements of the race, my free spirit is full of excitement again but I know I have to think this so many thousand times. Here I am again. 

One thing more, when I saw Augusto's post of Mt. Aconcagua today, it just reminds me again of my dream of going back to this huge mountain. This beautiful picture just brings back good memories and give me the motivation to work for it so that someday I can come back. 

And there's Ilocos Ultra, Guimaras Ultra and I know there will be many many more. I just have to choose and it will be my choice which one I should decide to join and give it a go.


  1. woah! nakakaloka naman yan! che! isama mo naman ako sa mga pangarap mo! ;)

    1. whahhhh....Jules....grabe...ang daming gustong gawin....pero syempre kelangan mamili....heheheh