Friday, March 30

Happy Thursday

It has been raining the entire day, in fact it poured hard when I was out doing my month end bank tour routine. But despite that all I thought is do a short run when the day ends. Just before the clock ticks off  for my office work to end, the rain stopped. I thought it would be nice to have a short run. Putting on my running shoes and running attire I went down of my office only to find out it is still drizzling. But my feet is itching to run, so I decided to proceed starting from my usual playground Legaspi Park, until I move to the bigger loop to a further corners of the area. There were few runners at this time, probably it's because of the weather, I just enjoy running around without even noticing the time. After running almost two hours, I decided to proceed back to my office, fix my things and proceed home still on my running attire and hydration pack. At this time, I decided to just continue running home. I did more than 20K for the night. Happiness.

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