Wednesday, March 21

This is it TNF100 2012 Series - Philippines

Got my race kit for TNF100 Baguio Benguet 2012 race last night. The event will still be on April 21 and 22 this year, a month to go from now. But seeing my race kit feels like this is for real, this is it, there wouldn't be any other except this one. I feel scared, they said the trail is much more difficult than how it was two years ago and all the more it is more difficult than how it was last year in Camsur.

But I also feel excited for it, having to know nothing about the unknown is always exciting for me, I am looking forward to how will it be on the actual race. I just have to remember how things were when I experience the most difficult thing out in the outdoors, that is to condition myself that all can be possible for as long as I  am going to will it. But of course I always bring with me so much prayers, now praying to God that I will be able to practice more for the remaining days before that race, to build endurance injury free and that He will give me the strength and determination to endure everything on the race day.

My loot bag for the race as handed to me by my TNF friend Leizl. So kind of her to deliver it near where I stay rather than me going to her shop to claim it. It always feels great to have her in one of my favorite outdoor brand and product.

Here is what I got from a discounted registration fee of PhP2,450.00 (the original rate is PhP3, 500.00).  Two way free bus ride to Baguio, TNF sun visor,   TNF tshirt, Action Asia mag, my race bib, a 15% discount card in a purchase of any TNF product and a poster of the TNF100 for this year's event. Not bad for the rate that I paid.

My race bib number. One of the first few registrants of this event. I am praying I will be able to endure the challenge for this year's course.

And my jersey shirt, size extra small though, I am double extra small  on this kind of shirt, making this size really big for me. Sadly, this year this is the smallest that they got, and just like last year, this will go first to the repair shop before I can enjoy wearing it.  Nonetheless, I love it, I love the color. Red is my favorite. And being one of the first few who registered, I enjoyed a free sun visor. Another one in my collection. 

Indeed, this will be another breaking all the boundaries event. Excited for it but ofcourse I got 4 more weeks to prepare and prepare and prepare. Good luck to all of us who take this challenge once again.

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