Thursday, March 15


Really an OMG was just my reaction, I booked three tickets for my travel on the next few months, 2 international and 1 domestic. I really do not know if Ireally made the right decision, just when I said I will lay low a bit yet here I am again. So many plans to do so many things. But really this takes me a lot of thinking, how I really like to do it that I just decided

For India, of course this is for my La Ultra,  I need to book it otherwise rate will be much higher than what I can get at this time. Among the many travels that I have and will have this year, this is the most unexpected of all, going to India. Been wanting to visit this place but there was really no concrete plan until my friend invited me to be part of his support crew. Now that gives me enough reason to go and visit India. And not just that, I can also run, not the longest distance on this race though but long enough for me to enjoy the place. Excited for it. 

Jakarta, Indonesia. I haven't been to this country and I've been wanting to go there. But I thought if I will visit this place, I want to maximize my stay there. I can only do that if I will be with my friends who do the same interest as myself. I heard they booked a flight, did not know it at first. Since  then, been on a watch out for a cheaper fare and this time comes. I think this will be my chance to get a cheaper fare. We think of doing is to skyrun at Mt. Rinjani and a visit to Comodo Island. That would be exciting and fun to do.

Bohol, who can resist Bohol, I thought. The place is just simply beautiful. I hope to enjoy it. What I am not too sure though is if I will enjoy what we plan to do on this place, to do the First  Bohol Ultramarathon. Not decided yet if I will really join it but if I will I hope I can finish it on cut off time.

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  1. and then i realized: shoot! i have the same flights, too! OMG, indeed! we're a bunch of crazies! =P