Friday, March 30

Running Passport # 00601

"Will you still be needing this kind of session? You have been running longer distances already?"  Whisper my friend to me while we are listening to the instructions on the first session of adiNation at Ayala Triangle Gardens.

This is a  running session welcoming all levels of runners who  wants to  learn the love of running  or just simply want be part of a group. This one is  organized by the known brand Adidas in partnership with the  known running club,

Of the many years that I have been running, I really do not have any formal training,   lectures nor sessions. I just put on my running shoes and hit the road, no coach no adviser no concrete  training schedule followed. When I feel like running I just run, when I feel like joining a race, I just join.  So when I read a post about this running session, I thought of joining, aside from the fact that the venue is just near the office, there will be pair of shoes to be raffled off at the end of each month and a might be discounted fee for an adidas run, I really thought of having at least a structured training focusing on my speed. I hope I will be able to achieve that on the next sessions to come. And I also wish to meet new running mates aside from enjoying the company of my current running friends who also joining this session. I can see it, this will be fun. 

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